Member Responsibilities
Financial Obligations:
The Induction Fee is $20.00. Dues are $150 per year, payable biannually. Meals are $13.00 per week, payable quarterly. Invoices are sent to members via email on a quarterly basis. Rotary International does its charitable work through the Rotary Foundation. Each member is asked to contribute according to his/her ability each year. An optional $25.00 donation to the Rotary Foundation is added to each quarterly invoice for convenience. Members may also give directly to the Rotary Foundation online, and the club encourages each member to make a donation equivalent to his/her age on his/her birthday by giving a check to the club's Foundation Director.

Rotary places emphasis on participation through attendance. Weekly meeting attendance is highly encouraged. Make-ups for missed meetings may be done at other Rotary clubs, at monthly Board meetings, online, or by participating in projects or committee work. Minimum attendance of 50% is required. Perfect attendance is encouraged and recognized. All Rotarians should put our regular meetings on their calendars as a standing, weekly commitment.

There are three major fundraisers each year: the Rotary Auction (October), Heart of Michigan holiday boxes (November/December), and the Rotary Beef Dinner (February). Participation is important and expected. It is suggested that each Rotarian will recruit sponsors, arrange for donated items to the Rotary Auction, and sell or buy at least 10 tickets to the Beef Dinner. The club utilizes funds raised from these events to make grants to worthwhile community projects each year. There are also opportunities throughout the year to support Polio Plus efforts, weekly brags and fines, as well as sales from holiday gift boxes.

Rotary work is accomplished through committees. All Rotarians are asked to serve on at least one committee, and many serve on several. Each year, the President/President-Elect appoints members to committees based on their interests and the needs of the club. Rotarians are encouraged to seek out committee opportunities that best suit their skills. Club officers and committee chairs frequently seek volunteers for short-term assignments/tasks during weekly meetings as well.
Member satisfaction is correlated with member involvement. Rotarians are encouraged to be as active as their present family and work circumstances permit. Some club activities (fundraisers, service projects, social events) are also open to spouses/significant others and children. Rotarians are encouraged to include their family members in club activities.

All Rotarians are expected to recruit potential members by sharing information about Rotary and inviting guests to weekly club meetings. Only active members may recommend potential new members and must do so using the New Member Proposal Form. Once admitted to the club, sponsoring Rotarians should provide mentorship to those they have recruited to the club.
New Member Expectations:
New club members are expected to participate in at least one Fireside Chat as an orientation to the club, as well as participate in the New Member Red Sticker Program.